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joy and vitality from ecological and sustainable products

Welcome to Ruohonjuuri Webshop!

Joy and vitality from ecological and sustainable products! Ruohonjuuri is a retail chain specializing in organic food, natural cosmetics and health products.  Ruohonjuuri operates 15 Ruohonjuuri stores in Finland, 2 Ruohonjuuri online stores and Happy Food Store webshop in Sweden.

Haluatko tehdä ostoksesi suomeksi? Siirry Suomen verkkokauppaan tästä!

Our business is built on strong values, sustainability, social responsibility and respect for people and the environment.

Why Ruohonjuuri?

Only Good Products

Every single product in our stores is always a better choice for people and the environment. We know the backgrounds of our products.

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On the Side of Small Producers

We work closely with the small producers and importers. We invest in long-standing cooperation with them.

Our Values

Paying It Forward

Ruohonjuuri is owned by private individuals and Finnish NGOs. We donate both money and products to charity every month of the year.

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The Spirit of Ruohonjuuri

Do you want to know more about our values, responsibility and company culture? We are working for a better world, together with our community.

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Super Sale

Puhdas +
Lactic acid bacteria, 5 billion
13,95 € Regular price 27,95 € Sale price
TEHO melatonin, 1,9 mg, 30 tablets
4,95 € Regular price 6,95 € Sale price
Super Vitamin D, 50 μg, 100 Capsules
11,95 € Regular price 18,90 € Sale price
Face Mask, Oily Skin, 20 g
1,99 € Regular price 10,90 € Sale price
Puhdas +
5-HTP+ 100 mg (5-hydroxytryptophan (5HTP)
18,95 € Regular price 26,95 € Sale price

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CIRCULOVE - a fully fermented skincare line: less but better

CIRCULOVE - a fully fermented skincare line: less but better

Natural cosmetics
In a jungle of jars, you might feel frustrated: what on earth do you need all these things for? In fact, skincare is quite simple - just a few carefully selected, high-quality products is enough. By choosing less but better, you're helping both your skin and our planet feel better.
Welcome to the world of fragrances!

Welcome to the world of fragrances!

Natural cosmetics
Fragrances create atmosphere and good energy. They help you relax from the stress of everyday life and get into the festive mood for spring and summer. Fragrances are also a great gift because they tell beautiful things about the person wearing them. Whatever your taste, we are sure everyone will find their own favorite among our diverse range of natural fragrances. In this post you can discover our favorite scents.
Are you getting enough iron?

Are you getting enough iron?

Iron levels are affecting your mood, heart, energy, and many other important things. That's why it is important to get iron from your diet every day. Even you try to eat healthily, iron absorption can be weak. The only way to know for sure that are you getting enough iron is to measure your blood ferritin iron levels.

It all started from a tiny cottage

Our Story

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Responsibility is an integral part of all Ruohonjuuri operations.

What responsibility means to us