TOP 5 Christmas Advent Calendars: Be joyfully surprised every day before Christmas!

We have Christmas Advent calendars with tea, chocolate and natural cosmetics to the joyful countdown and exciting anticipation for Christmas holidays. There's something magical for everyone - both children and adults. Here are our top five picks - discover more in our online store!
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Whamisa: Natural Cosmetics Christmas Calendar

Korean skincare and pampering surprise every day before Christmas! The Christmas calendar from the super-popular Korean Whamisa range is a luxurious skin care indulgence that your skin would buy and love.

Whamisa Christmas Calendar 2021 |

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Pukka Herbs Tea Advent Calendar

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The Pukka Herbs Christmas tea calendar, already named a Christmas classic, includes 24 different organic teas -  a delicious treat for every eve. You can blow away the winter winds and the Christmas rush by enjoying a hot, bubbly cup of tea to start your morning or to brighten up your evening. The Pukka Herbs Tea Christmas Calendar is an indulgence pack for grown-ups. 

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Superfudgio: Vegan Advent Calendar

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Superfudgio, the vegan toffee maker that has delighted our customers with its sloth images and great taste, has once again created an organic chocolate calendar this year. This delicious assortment is sure to please also vegans. The Christmas calendar is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds!

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Organic Health: Vegan Chocolate Calendar


24 stunningly delicious organic chocolate confections tickle your taste buds in this brand new vegan chocolate calendar. Let the luxurious flavours make the wait for Christmas a great celebration!

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Frugi Fruit Bears Christmas Calendar

Frugi fruit bears Christmas calendar |

The Frugi Fruit Bears Beary Christmas Calendar is a vegan and fruity health bomb for the festive season! Not everyone wants or can eat chocolate - so with the help of this calendar, your morning begins with a fun fruity surprise in Christmas spirit!

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