The health benefits of electrolyte powders

In addition to those who follow a ketogenic diet, many others benefit from electrolyte dietary supplements. Why are the electrolyte powders so popular right now? Dive in and find out more!
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Pureness Puhdistamo KETO electrolyte powder appeared in our stores this summer and immediately became a success among our health-conscious customers. The powder became a real hit especially among those who exercise hard or eat according to a ketogenic diet. Since then, electrolyte powder has found its home with many of our customers.

Markus Lundström, product development manager at Pureness Puhdistamo, is familiar with the properties and health benefits of electrolyte powder.

Why are electrolyte powders so popular right now?

The biggest reason behind the popularity of electrolyte powder is probably the ketogenic diet and its breakthrough this year. The ketogenic diet requires supplementing with micronutrients (potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium) and electrolyte powder is an easy solution.

- I think the great success with electrolyte powder depends on several things: it really works and is excellent hydration that even tastes good. It's not entirely easy to prepare drinking powder with good taste from different salts. According to feedback, people have liked electrolyte powder a lot, Lundström says.


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What are the main benefits and tasks of Pureness Puhdistamo KETO electrolyte powder?

- The most important electrolyte in the powder is called sodium. Puhdistamo's electrolyte powder contains sodium from sun - dried, unrefined Guerande sea salt. In addition to sodium and chloride, this natural salt contains over 80 other minerals and trace elements. Guerande sea salt thus already contains magnesium, potassium and calcium, but only in small amounts, says Lundström.

- To get an optimal balance between the different electrolytes, we have chosen to boost magnesium, potassium and calcium. The product also contains some bicarbonate which is one of the most important electrolytes. The whole thing is supplemented with a little calcium and vitamin C. In addition, the product contains OptiMSM which strengthens the effect and absorption. Malic acid improves both taste and absorption. The electrolyte powder also contains aroma extracts of real berries as well as color extracts of radish, black currants and red apple. The sweetness comes from high-quality Australian organic stevia continues Pureness Puhdistamo's product development manager.

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What are the electrolytes needed for?

The electrolytes are necessary for the body's most important functions from the heart's functions to enzyme metabolism and of course to fluid absorption at the cellular level. If you drink only water and avoid salt, the liquid is not necessarily absorbed in an optimal way. It can lead to health problems if the situation continues.

When you sweat, you lose electrolytes. Therefore, it's good to recharge with them especially in hot weather, sauna or active exercise.

- Many may have seen, for example on Youtube, a video where a runner starts to shake, fall, or the like near the goal. This is due to the lack of electrolytes. Something has gone wrong with charging electrolytes, Markus explains.

Why do you need to recharge with electrolytes on a ketogenic diet?

When you start with the ketogenic diet, the body gets rid of fluid in the beginning. In short, it is because of the muscles' carbohydrate supply: glycogen is starting to run out. When you get rid of fluid, you also lose a lot of electrolytes.

- If you do not compensate for the electrolytes and do not increase salt intake, so-called keto influenza can develop. The symptoms are reminiscent of the traditional cold but mainly of fatigue and general malaise. All this may be due to the lack of electrolytes. Therefore, many may believe at this stage that ketogenic diet is not suitable - even if it’s about adaptation and something temporary, Lundström says.

If the keto flu already affects one, it can often be fixed quickly by charging with electrolytes.

- According to feedback, many have received help already 15 minutes after enjoying electrolyte drinks that are added simply by electrolyte powder, Markus suggests.

Research shows that the intake of micronutrients decreases when you start with the ketogenic diet. This is due to the increase in fatty foods and the decrease in carbohydrates. In addition, you often eat smaller vegetables - which is a good source of vitamins and electrolytes. It’s important to fix the lack of electrolytes - and you should remember to eat vegetables even on the ketogenic diet.

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Electrolyte powder - not just for ketogenic diet

Electrolyte powder is not only suitable for those who follow the ketogenic diet. In practice, everyone can enjoy the benefits of electrolyte powder.

Electrolyte powder contains micronutrients that we need to survive. These micronutrients include vitamins and electrolytes, e.g. minerals such as potassium, magnesium and sodium. When starting with ketogenic diet, it's especially important to make sure you get enough important minerals.

Electrolyte powder is very useful for a sweaty moment: for example on a hot summer day, at the sauna bath or with hard training.

Is it good to use electrolyte powder when exercising and what are the benefits?

- It's simple: Performance depends first and foremost on the body's signals. To transmit signals, the body must be hydrated. In a dry body, the signals do not work optimally.

- In order for the fluids to be absorbed, you need salts that bind moisture in the body. In addition, salts (electrolytes) contribute to the optimal functions of the signals, says Lundström.

Electrolyte powder can be used to recharge with minerals before training, as a sports drink during training and after hard training to maintain fluid balance and prevent dehydration of the body.

The use of electrolyte powder is a piece of cake! Add a dosing spoon in the desired amount of water. Recipes are developed for half a liter of water, but if you prefer a milder taste, you can add the powder to a few liters of water. Instead of water, it's of course possible to use other liquids (such as coconut water), but water is easiest. Repeat as needed and feel the refreshing effect of optimal hydration!

Lundström gives other tips for flights:

- Drink half a liter of electrolyte drink before the flight and about a deciliter of water every other half-hour while traveling. Electrolyte powder can be taken in hand luggage so that you can prepare electrolyte drinks on the aircraft. Just ask the staff for water and you will have everything you need!

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