Sweetheart Nut Mix, 800 g

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Nutrient-intensive nut mix with sweet mulberry and cranberry is a matter of better everyday life. Munch merrily!


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Nut mix with sweet mulberry and cranberry is a matter of better life.

Sweetheart Nut Mix is a guaranteed smart choice when a snack matters. In the organic Sweetheart Nut Mix, cashew nuts, mulberries, cranberries, Brazil nuts, and walnuts will delight your day.


Let’s now throw a gentle goodbye to bad carbohydrates and enjoy a nutritious nut mix solution! When we notice the good in each of our days, everyday life begins to taste tastier.

CASHEW * 30% (Vietnam), mulberries * 25% (Turkey), sweetened cranberries * 15% (cranberries * 60% (Canada), apple juice concentrate * 39% (Turkey)), WALNUT * 15% (Romania), BRAZIL NUT* 15% (Bolivia). *ecological. May contain traces of peanut and other nuts. Store dry and cool. The Brazil nut is very sensitive to heat.

Nutritional value / 100 g: energy 2126 kJ (504 kcal), fat 34.5 g (of which saturated 6.3 g), carbohydrates 40.5 g (of which sugars 25.1 g), dietary fiber 6.9 g, protein 9, 9 g, salt 0.038 g.

  • Origin Finland
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"The best nut mix ever! Cranberries bring a nice sour flavor balancing the sweetness of the mulberries."

- Hanna H

"I have run into the best nut mix – I don´t have to take anything away!"

- Mariele

"Perfect mix of crunchy peanuts and sweet dried berries! I could almost eat the whole bag at once."

- Anni-Sofia

"This is really sweet and heartwarming gift idea! It´s also very tasty!"

- Jasmini

"This is the best of nut mixes so far, dried cranberry brings nice sourness and roasting the cashew bring the flavor the next level."

- Jussi