Collagen Shot Strong, 200 ml

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A great-tasting birch sap-based collagen supplement with a nice dose of vitamin C to brighten your day and boost your well-being. Vitamin C is a great partner for collagen!


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For those who appreciate beauty and fitness!

Collagen Strong Shot is a birch sap-based collagen product. The good-tasting liquid is immediately ready to eat and does not contain any added sugar. The product contains high-quality hydrolyzed Naticol® fish collagen, Finnish birch sap, arctic berries, and vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes normal collagen formation for normal skin function. Aronia, blackcurrant, cranberry, blueberry and raspberry are rich in vitamin C.

Birch sap, Aronia, Blueberry, Raspberry, hydrolyzed fish collagen, sodium ascorbate.

  • Origin Finland
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