Olive oil, extra virgin, 500 ml

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Refined organic olive oil from the first cold pressing needs a new home


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Extra virgin olive oil naturally at your service

From the first cold-pressing, delicious organic olive oil of the finest quality, suitable for the most demanding gourmets!

This high-quality olive oil is made from organic Empeltre olives from the Baja Aragon region of España.

These wonderfully tasty organic olives are cultivated with love and unfailing professionalism, without chemicals or fertilizers - resulting in an olive oil with a deliciously intense flavour, traditional and highly appreciated.

This product is the fruit of Aduki's wonderful collaborative project with small Spanish farms and small producers. This Spanish Aduki product comes directly from farms and small businesses, without any middlemen - fresh, ripened in the Spanish sun and always picked from the freshest harvest. And always, of course, organic!

Extra virgin olive oil *, from the first cold pressing of olives.

* = Organic quality

  • Origin Spain
  • EAN: 6430013861895
  • SKU: ADUKI-6430013861895