Aloe vera gel, 200 ml

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This quickly absorbed gel is a highly versatile skincare product!


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This quickly absorbed gel is a highly versatile skincare product!

Amazonas Aloe Vera gel 99% - first aid for your skin! Aloe Vera is unmatched in skincare and repair. The clear gel obtained from Aloe Vera leaves is wonderfully cooling and quickly absorbed. It binds moisture, repairs minor skin damage, and soothes.

The non-greasy and non-staining Aloe Vera Gel is very suitable for sensitive and dry skin. After application, the skin becomes significantly smoother, softer, and fresher. Aloe Vera Gel is ideal for the whole family.


* after sunbathing
* after hair removal
* for minor burns
* insect bites
* for skin vesicles
* for moisturizing the face
* psoriasis and rashes
* Acne and inflammation
* scar

Feel free to use within about three months of opening.

The aloe used as a raw material for Amazon Aloe products comes from a Mexican organic farm where everything is done traditionally, i.e., manually. The raw material supplier is a member of the Aloe Science Council, an international organization responsible for Aloe quality criteria and certifications.

INCI: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (99%), citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, xanthan gum, aqua.

  • Origin Austria
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