Apostle Skin Brightening Serum, 30 ml

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Fast absorbing serum with rich organic antioxidant ingredients. Feel the rich beauty of New Zealand!


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Stunning silky smooth skin and vitality to your skin!

Apostle Skin Brightening Serum is a fast-absorbing water-based serum that makes the skin translucent and radiant.

Made with antioxidant, vegan and organic ingredients.

Invigorates dull, uneven and impure skin.

Suitable for all skin types.

The sodium acrylate copolymer procured and used by Antipodes is a naturally occurring vegan ingredient that helps moisturize, increase moisture and strengthen the skin’s protective function. Antipodes® does not use any synthetic polymers in its products, but only chooses natural alternatives. The products also do not contain microplastics or beads.

  • Origin New Zealand
  • EAN: 9421905119733
  • SKU: ANTIPO-9421905119733
  • Packaging text: EN, FR

"Smoothing and brightning thin, waterlike serum."

- Sari