Hosanna H20 intense serum, 30 ml

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Bioactive serum effectively moisturizes your facial skin! Vinanza Grape - Revolutionary antioxidant extract improves skin elasticity and firmness.


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Bioactive serum effectively moisturizes the skin!

The seductively scented serum revitalizes and effectively moisturizes the skin. The water-saturated serum instantly replenishes the skin's moisture stores and makes the skin look healthier and more beautiful.

The revolutionary Vinanza grape helps the skin to effectively protect itself and build resistance to air pollution and oxidative stress. Mamaku black fern extract promotes cell renewal. This is a must-have serum to replenish skin moisture levels and keep skin healthy and youthful.

Scientifically proven to stimulate type 1 collagen production in human fibroblast cells by up to 72%.

Elements of beauty:

Vinanza Grape - Revolutionary antioxidant extract improves skin elasticity and firmness. Waiwera Artesian Water - Naturally mineral-rich spring water contains numerous beneficial minerals.

Mamaku fern is a bioactive plant from New Zealand that helps to firm the skin and protect and promote the formation of new cells.

The sodium acrylate copolymer procured and used by Antipodes is a naturally occurring vegan ingredient that helps moisturize, increase moisture and strengthen the skin’s protective function. Antipodes® does not use any synthetic polymers in its products, but only chooses natural alternatives. The products also do not contain microplastics or beads.
  • Origin New Zealand
  • EAN: 9421905119719
  • SKU: ANTIPO-9421900569786