Kiwi seed oil eye cream, 30 ml

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Outstanding fragrance-free eye countour cream from the popular series from New Zealand!


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Smooth eye contour with the magnificent kiwi cream

One of the big favorites in the Antipodes series: a light-colored eye cream that significantly cools and soothes the sensitive area around the eyes.

Vitamin C-containing kiwi moisturizes the skin and softens fine lines.


Suitable for most skin types, especially combination skin. Soothing and light cooling effect.

The product is vegan certified by the UK Vegetarian Society. The UK Vegetarian Society is one of the oldest and most respected bodies focusing on plant-based and vegan ingredients in the world.

Antipodes recycle and reuse manufacturing materials: outer packaging is 100% recyclable cardboard and from bottles of glass. Only 100% organic plant ink has been used in the packaging. Aluminum caps.

1. Use morning and evening
2. Gently pat the eye cream on clean skin around the eyes

The sodium acrylate copolymer procured and used by Antipodes is a naturally occurring vegan ingredient that helps moisturize, increase moisture and strengthen the skin’s protective function. Antipodes® does not use any synthetic polymers in its products, but only chooses natural alternatives. The products also do not contain microplastics or beads.
  • Origin New Zealand
  • EAN: 9421905119757
  • SKU: ANTIPO-0000094183986
  • Packaging text: EN, FR

"Luxurious and light moisturizing eye cream! Workes fine for a year around! The small jar is surprisingly sufficient. You can feel the high quality of ingredients based on scent and see the difference on your face."