Sinni Herbal Shot 10x4g, 40 g

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Helps you in the fight for good and against all evil!


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Fighter - your help in the fight for good and against all evil!

If you're under pressure, this comes to the rescue! If I've been a help to Vikings and cosmonauts, I'm sure I can be to you. I get my strength from the rose root, also known as Northern ginseng. My blood is strengthened by the fiery nettle. Sinni is the same stuff as the Arctic Warriors' previous fighter!

I've faced all kinds of opponents, but I've lost to few. The tougher the opponent, the stronger I become. My stress tolerance is phenomenal. It allows me to cope with any situation.

Pure natural product: Sinni-gel shot contains only rose root and nettle grown in the pure nature of Lapland. The plants are extracted in natural plant glycerol, which means that all the water- and fat-soluble active ingredients of the plants are present in the product.

100% natural Herbal shots from Lapland. These high quality herbal shots are easy to use anytime, anywhere when you need some extra strength and fast energy-boost!

Ingredients: vegetable glycerol, nettle, rose root
  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430055010039
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