Aromastick® Focus -natural inhaler

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Easy and effective aromatherapy! By sniffing this excellent stick, you will be able to concentrate better in demanding tasks and learn better! When your head feels like it's going to snooze in the afternoon, just take a sniff and you're back in shape in no time!


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Sharpness and focus by sniffing!

Aromastick perfume stick, Focus. Flooded with essential oils, this scented stick improves focus and concentration while improving learning!

Whenever you feel like you're not thinking straight and your head starts to snooze, sniff this scented stick for an extra boost to your day!

The active ingredients in the scent stick are peppermint, rose hip and cinnamon shell oil, organic of course!

It's as easy to use: sniff 2-3 times with each nostril while holding the other. Repeat as needed!

Studies have shown that sniffing the Focus aroma-stick improves concentration, improves work efficiency and reduces the number of mistakes!

Peppermint*, rosehip* and cinnamon shell oil*

  • Origin Switzerland
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