Baume Integral no. 1-lotion, 100 ml

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This multi-use lotion covers it all! Seriously, you don´t have to carry along multiple jars to each part of your face and body, just this one!

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This lotion is the only lotion you have to bring along!

Baume Integral no.1 lotion has many fans, and good word spreads like fire. This great multi-use lotion suits all skin types. It´s simply the best product ever to take along for trips and vacations. This one lotion replaces the need of all others! This same lotion can be used as day- and night cream, eye round creme, cleansing lotion, after sun and -shave, even the face mask! This lotion cleans up even the waterproof makeups!


Baume Integral no.1 lotion is truly multiple products in same package. This lotion moisturizes, hydrates, renews, repairs, brightens, heal, protects, and smoothes. The cream has a lovely scent too that has got many compliments. All these things might sound too much, but that´s more reasons for you to try it and see the effects!


This lotion is eco-certified, and ingredients are mostly organic. 


How to use: Shake well, because this is BI´PHASE -product. Just warm up a little between your hands and spread to slightly moist skin.



Olive oil - Sunflower oil - Jojoba oil - Karan oil - Argan oil - Sesame seed oil — Beeswax - Carrot extract - Marigold - Honey 99.4% of the raw materials are natural and 51.4% organic.

  • Origin France
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