Wheat Germ Oil, 200 ml

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Wheat germ oil is so rich with all good qualities, that it sounds almost too good to be true.


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Wheat germ oil – the elixir of eternal youth?

Valioravinto, Wheat Germ Oil, 200 ml. Wheat Germ Oil contains so many good things, that it sounds like a miracle. It has been cold-pressed so all the good qualities remain in the oil.

It is rich in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Wheat germ oil contains also omega 3 fatty acids.

Wheat germ oil for example supports our skin health, digestive, and immunesystem. This oil is especially popular with our customers who appreciate natural alternatives to increase metabolism, relieve menstrual cramps and stimulate fertility.

Dosage for Adults: 1 teaspoon (5 ml) a day with meals. Try and experience the effect!

Please note that you should not exceed the recommended daily dose. Please do not leave the product within the youngest family members' reach. Remember that this great product is no substitute for a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle, please. 

Health claims / EFSA:


M-2008-1061 1386 - Wheat germ oil - Cardiovascular system

M-2008-1061 1387 - Wheat germ oil - Nervous system

M-2008-1061 1388 - Wheat germ oil - Digestive system

M-2008-1061 1389 - Wheat germ oil - Metabolism

M-2008-1061 1390 - Wheat germ oil - Skin health

M-2008-1061 1391 - Wheat germ oil - Immune system

M-2008-1061 1392 - Wheat germ oil - Fertility

M-2008-1061 1393 - Wheat germ oil - Antioxidant properties

M-2008-1061 1394 - Wheat germ oil - Mental health

M-2008-1061 1395 - Wheat germ oil - Menstrual health

Ingredients: Cold-pressed wheat germ oil 100% May contain residues of gluten.

Nutritional content 5 ml: Energy 185 kJ / 45 kcal Protein 0 g Carbohydrates 0 g Fat 4.6 g of which - saturated fatty acids 0.9 g - monounsaturated fatty acids 0.6 g - polyunsaturated fatty acids 3.1 g - alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) 410 mg - linoleic acid (omega-6) 2.7 g Vitamin E** 11 mg 92%* * Proportion of recommended daily intake ** Sum of vitamin E active tocopherols and tocotrienols

  • Origin Switzerland
  • EAN: 6416227030715
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"Good, natural source of vitamin E. I use it as a cure, one teaspoon per day."

- Inga

"E-vitamins to keep! Suits well for example porridge as extra flavor."

- Lotta

"This brings joy for my sculp as well as my hormons!"

- Jasmini

"I use this daily basis, best natural source of vitamin E."

- Kadi