Activated Carbon Filter BioProffa 3 x 2 pcs

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Activated carbon filter fits the odourless bio-waste container developed by BioProffa. Order a set of activated carbon filters right away, so you'll have them ready when it's time to replace them!


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Activated carbon filter keeps fruit flies away!

Activated carbon filter BioProffa consumer package contains 3 sets of filters (set: 2 pcs).

Now that you've decided to get BioProffa odourless bio-waste container, it's worth buying a set of activated carbon filters to have on hand - it's a good idea to change them from time to time. That way you won't get a stink problem in your home.

The activated carbon filters conveniently eliminate odours from the BioProffa container and prevent fruit flies from entering the container.

The activated carbon filters should be replaced every 8 months.

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