Bio compost bin Appetito, 3,8 l

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The disadvantage of bio-waste bins is the unpleasant smell and the fruit flies, but now there is a good solution! A bamboo bio-waste bin does the job with a tight lid and activated carbon filter, and it's a joy to look at too!


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Appetito bio bin is a fresh way to collect bio waste - in style!

BioProffa Bio compost bin Appetito bambu, carbon black, 3.8 L, contains activated carbon filters, odorless.

Can there be odourless biowaste collection? Yes, there can! The BioProffa biofood container is made of bamboo and the activated carbon filters on the lid prevent odours from forming. It also keeps away the over-enthusiastic fruit flies.

This stylish-looking bio-waste container is perfect for the home, garden parties, cottages or boats!

The BioProffa bio-waste bin makes it easy to sort and recycle bio-waste in the kitchen: thanks to its stylish design and compact size, it fits on the kitchen sink - it no longer smells, so there's no need to hide it. 

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