BioProffa Bokashi Organko 2 pcs kitchen composter

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The handy Orango set contains the equipment for home composting. To get off to a good start and make the most nutritious compost possible, this kit contains almost everything you need double.


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BioProffa Bokashi makes composting at home easy!

Create nutritious soil in your own kitchen! The BioProffa Bokashi Organko composter set contains everything you need, even double!

The BioProffa Bokashi Organko kitchen composting set contains: 2 x 16 L black composters, 600 g bokashi seed, 2 x green lids, 2 x taps, 2 x strainers, 1 x sealer, 1 x scoop, 1 x liquid drainage cup, instructions. 

Bokashi kitchen composts are an easy way to recycle bio-waste responsibly and collect essential nutrients. Using live microorganisms (EM) from common kitchen waste, such as vegetables, greens, fish, etc., you can quickly create nutrient-rich soil for gardens and growing crops, with virtually no carbon footprint.

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