Brita Water Filter Jug Marella Memo Maxtra+ 2,4l White

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Give water a better and more consistent taste through filtration


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Filtration makes tap water taste better

With a water filter jug, you can make tap water even cleaner.

Tap water is safe to drink because its quality is regulated and monitored by local authorities.

Despite this, undesirable substances can still be released from the pipes, some of which are old and outdated. Together with chlorine, which inhibits bacterial growth, they can affect the appearance and taste of tap water.

In Europe, around 50 million people have been drinking tap water filtered through water jugs and cartridges on a daily basis for more than 30 years.

An electronic reminder on the Brita jug reminds you to change the filter. The jug is easy to fill through the lid with one hand. The jug provides 1.4 litres of filtered water at a time and has a total volume of 2.4 litres.

The jug is compatible with Maxtra and Maxtra+ filters and it comes with a filter in the package.

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