Cold pressed coconut oil, 500 ml

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You can replace traditional fat with coconut oil in cooking, baking, and spreads. Virgin coconut oil is also well suited for skin and hair care. Test and like!


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A source of health and beauty!

Coconut oil, or coconut fat, is a vegetable oil made from the meat of coconut. CocoVi Organic Coconut Oil is a cold pressed Philippine virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil has not been refined, bleached or hardened.

CocoVi is a superfood pioneer from Finland. CocoVi’s mission is to bring the world’s most nutritious foods to everyone’s plate, making it more fun, enjoyable, and easy to lead a healthier life. CocoVi’s nutritious superfoods help you enrich your daily diet. All ingredients in the products are free from milk, gluten, and additives. Most of the products are certified organic. Already a small amount of CocoVi superfoods will make your day more nutritious! Try them – you’ll love them!

Coconut oil

Nutritional content / 100g:

Energy 890 kcal
Saturated 93 g
Monounsaturated 6 g
Polyunsaturated 1 g
Cholesterol 0 g

Fatty acid composition:
Lauric acid 51.5%
Myristic acid 20%
Palmitic acid 9.7%
Oleic acid 7.3%
Caprylic acid 5.9%
Capric acid 6.3%
Stearic acid 2.3%
Lolenic acid 1.8%

  • Origin Philippines
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