Keto granola, cocoa, 200 g

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A healthy snack, that tastes mighty delicious. Try and be charmed!


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Granola that beats sugar cravings. Low in calories!

Delicious Diet Food's Keto Granola is 100% organic and low in carbohydrates. This is why it is suitable for the Keto diet, vegans and diabetics. Granola is sweetened with erythritol, which does not raise blood sugar or caries. Suitable for eating as such or even as a friend of yogurt and vinegar. The natural organic blend flavored with cocoa contains crispy roasted seeds, nuts and coconut. Chocolate granola is also flooded with good fats, protein, fiber as well as various trace elements as well as vitamins.

Coconut flakes*, chia seed *, sunflower seed *, flaxseed *, hazelnut *, pumpkin seed *, cocoa powder 5% *, crushed cocoa bean 3%, Erythritol *, orange oil *, xanthan gum (* organic)

Nutritional value/100 g
Energy: 2137 kJ / 512 kcal
Fat: 43 g Of which saturated: 6 g
Carbohydrates: 12 g Of which sugar: 2.5 g
Fiber: 17.5 g
Protein: 15.6 g
Salt 0.014 g

  • Origin Poland
  • EAN: 5906660508137
  • SKU: DIETFO-5906660508137
  • Packaging text: EN, FI, SE