Get Raw Snack, Chocolate Walnut, 42 g

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A raw snack with walnuts and raw chocolate, among other things, is a healthy snack to keep you going!


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Organic high-quality snack full of authentic flavors

Getraw snack are delicious, made from 100% natural ingredients. Fruits, nuts, and berries have been used as ingredients, and they have been prepared according to the principles of raw food diet. Getraw uses only the best organic raw materials with good nutritional content; for example, dates are used in sweetening instead of sugar. Getraw snacks come in four delicious flavors and are easy to grab along!
Ingredients: Walnut *, cashew nut *, date *, coconut nectar *, chocolate * (cocoa mass, cocoa powder, 100% cocoa), vanilla *, sea salt.
* = organic.
Nutritional content / 100 g:

Energy 2033 kJ / 484 kcal
Fat 34 g
Carbohydrates 34 g
Protein 11 g
Salt 0.9g
  • Origin Czechia
  • EAN: 7350066440139
  • SKU: GETRAW-7350066440016