Contour Facial Roller

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Contour Face Roller, great help for jaw jams and facelifting!


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Face lifting at home?

Ecotools Contour Face Roller is a fantastic new wellness product. If you tend to bite your teeth together so hard during sleep that your jaw hurts in the morning (also called bruxism), this is an excellent help for you! Bruxism usually appears when facing extra stressful times.

Ecotools Contour Face Roller rolls jaw muscles effectively, and within few minutes, you feel the effect. Your jaws have more flexibility, and the tightness is relieving. Don't be afraid the roller might look a bit like some" Adults toy," it workes!


Roller's primary function is to firm your jawline when you use it with face oil rolling from center to hairline. Although our test group found out that this firming effect comes as a bonus while the main result is relaxation! 


If you want to boost the effect, you can restore the roller in the fridge. As a result of chilling, the roller reduces the swelling of the face. The alternative way is to wet the roller with warm water before massaging when the roller also opens, the skin pores.



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