Shower filter Equator

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Enjoy a nice shower with this shower filter buddy and get rid of dry skin!


Available only in brick & mortar stores.

The best shower buddy for dry skin!

Are you bothered by dry, itchy skin? Does your hair also feel dry? The Filopur shower filter can help you with these problems!

Chlorine added to water can cause your skin and hair to dry out. This handy spray filter removes chlorine and heavy metals from the water and makes it much softer by making limescale more water-soluble. This, in turn, reduces itching of sensitive and dry skin and dry hair.

In addition to removing chlorine and heavy metals, the filter´s revolutionary biophoton technology energizes water and has a positive effect on the body. It optimally moisturizes the skin in the shower. Skin cell metabolism recovers and whole-body metabolism becomes more vibrant.
Remember that the Filopur shower filter must be replaced approximately every 12 months (or 36,000 liters).

Swiss, socially responsible Filopur has more than 40 years of expertise in both filtering and purifying water.

All Filopur products are ecologically made and can be recycled.
  • Origin Switzerland
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