Flaska Neo Design Bottle, Birdy, 0,5 l

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Take good care of yourself and your Flaska bottle!


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Take good care of yourself and your Flaska bottle!

Here's a life partner that's easy to use and eye-catching too and won't let your thirst get the better of you! The bottle is a glass drinking bottle that helps you take care of your health and the environment. A glass drinking bottle is truly a smart choice that's fun to sip!

The Flaska drinking bottle has a protective cap that prevents the bottle from breaking.

This drinking bottle is 0.5 litres in size. This Flaska Neo Design model has a protective sleeve made of neoprene that protects the bottle from breaking and helps keep the water cool.

Advantages of glass drinking bottles vs. plastic or metal bottles:
- glass bottle makes your drink taste clean, real - no plastic or metal taste dissolves into it
- healthiest option, glass does not dissolve any harmful substances, does not form rust or other questionable substances with air or water
- glass bottle is completely cleanable, it can be washed by hand or in a washing machine
- glass bottles do not become scratched over time, where contaminants can settle
- glass bottles give you a good view of the contents of the bottle
- a quality glass bottle lasts a long time, it's a long-lasting purchase

Take good care of yourself - and your bottle!
  • Origin Slovenia
  • EAN: 3830053601940
  • SKU: SKU000000103