Flaska Spiritual Bottle, Flower of Life, 0,5 l

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Drink up and enjoy your eco-friendly drinks. Save money and the environment by choosing this bottle!


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Flaska is royalty of water bottles!

Take a look at this unique Flaska bottle!

The Flaska beverage bottle has a protective sleeve that prevents the bottle from breaking. The size of this drink bottle is 0,5 liters.

This Flaska water bottle has a protective sleeve made from ethically produced cork by a Spanish artisan.

The stylish and down-to-earth sleeve protects the bottle from breakage and helps to keep the drink cool.

The pattern of this Flaska bottle reminds us that there is always the possibility of a new beginning - or that a small acorn contains the beginning of an oak tree and in itself more strength than you could have imagined.
  • Origin Slovenia
  • EAN: 3830053621061
  • SKU: SKU000000093