Essential Oil, Cardamom, 5 ml

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A spicy fragrance to brighten your days!

Organic, chemo-typed essential oil of Cardamom. The essential oil of the ever-popular cardamom seeds, familiar from baking, has a fragrance that brings a relaxed and delightful ambient. This aromatic, warming and slightly woody fragrance will soothe a tired and overworked mind, activate the salivary glands and give digestion a boost. It also enhances sensuality and sexual energy.

Since the beginning of our times, this powerful spice has had a prestigious position in ancient Egypt, where it was valued as a tooth-strengthening plant, and in Greece, where its popularity was reflected in its use as a perfume. It was brought to Finland by the Vikings. Cardamom is a safe antiseptic oil. However, people suffering from epilepsy and heart problems should beware of excessive use.

Try it and be truly enchanted!
100 % organic chemo-typed Cardamom essential oil.
  • Origin France
  • EAN: 3516170010208
  • SKU: FLORAM-3516170010208