Detox mask 3 in 1: Cleanse, exfoliate & mask, 120 ml

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Three aces in one sleeve: cleansing, exfoliating and caring mask with raw Finnish honey made with love!


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3 in 1 makes it triple fun and time-saving!

Ruohonjuuri's staff voted Flow Cosmetics the best Finnish natural cosmetics series of 2020. This is how our jury justified its choice: “Flow Cosmetics' natural cosmetics are handcrafted in Riihimäki, with unwavering professionalism and a big heart. The boldly renewed, holistic care series offers a comprehensive range of skin and mind pampering products. Flow Cosmetics deserves a special mention for its transparency in the field of raw materials as well as other activities. ”


Flow Cosmetics' full-bodied 3 in 1 Detox cream mask is based on moisturizing Finnish raw honey, suitable for daily facial cleansing or for use as a face mask. Activated carbon and white clay effectively remove impurities from the skin. Willow shell extract containing salicylates exfoliates a dead skin cell from the surface of the skin and brightens the face.

• raw honey - moisturizing, emollient and vitamin-rich honey also contains the enzyme glucose oxidase, which is why honey is also an antibacterial raw material

• Willow bark extract - a natural source of salicylates. Carbon powder is known for its excellent ability to absorb impurities, dirt, and grease

• Peppermint - shrinks pores, refreshes the skin

• White clay - mineral-containing, gently cleansing.

Ingredients: Raw honey from Hikiän, glycerin, white clay, activated charcoal, moisturizing agent made from radish root and Leuconostoc Kimchii lactic acid by fermentation, which also promotes the shelf life of the overall product, willow bark extract, organically produced peppermint INCI: MEL*, GLYCERIN*, KAOLIN**, CHARCOAL POWDER**, LEUCONOSTOC/RADISH ROOT FERMENT FILTRATE**, SALIX ALBA BARK EXTRACT**, MENTHA PIPERITA LEAF* * Wild-grown or certified organic raw material ** Ecocert or COSMOS approved raw material

  • Origin Finland
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