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A unique toiletry bag, born from an advertising banner given new life by Globe Hope's skilled hands! Responsible design and practicality combine in a natural way in this beautiful bag. Note: Each bag is unique and the pattern varies from the picture.


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Lehto toiletry bag - responsible design from Globe Hope.

A unique toiletry bag made with sustainability in mind. The toiletry bag, which is part of Ruohonjuuri's 40th anniversary product range, is the fruit of a collaboration between Globe Hope and Ruohonjuuri.

At Ruohonjuuri, sustainability is the guiding principle behind all our activities. So it is only natural that our advertising banner for the opening of the flagship store did not end up in the trash, but in the skilled hands of Globe Hope.

So our much-admired design has been given a whole new lease of life in the form of this unique toiletry bag!

The Lehto toiletry bag is a pocket-sized toiletry bag made from Ruohonjuuri's advertising canvas and technical waste fabric. Inside the bag is a two-piece pocket. The bottom of the Globe Hope Toiletry Bag has a reinforcement made from recycled fair mats.

Please note that each product is completely unique in design and is not identical to the product shown in the picture.

The size of the toiletry bag is: 19 x 30 x 9 cm.

  • Origin Estonia
  • EAN: 6438164089441
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