Tuhti Coffee Beans, 225 g

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A well-balanced, smooth dark coffee with chocolate and nutty flavours. The farmer is also properly rewarded for the artisan organic coffee, so it's a coffee you can give as a gift and feel good about it!


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Handcrafted top quality for the darker organic coffee lover!

Good Life Coffee, Tuhti Coffee Beans, 225 g. Tuhti Coffee Beans is only available at Ruohonjuuri and is a safe choice when you want a responsible, high-quality and tasty organic coffee for your coffee table.

The coffee is well balanced and has chocolate and nutty flavours, without being bitter or too roasted. Tuhti is suitable for brewing in a standard filter coffee maker, as well as in a nut pan and espresso machine.

These coffees are produced by small farmers or cooperatives of small farmers in the region, who use better and more ecological farming methods to produce higher quality coffee, which also guarantees them a better price than conventional coffee.

Tuhti 0.2. comes from Peru, Junin region, central Peru. We use the same coffee in our Tuhti and Kepeä coffees, but the roasts are different. The La Florida cooperative, where this coffee comes from, is behind the coffee and has been operating in the region since 1966. This sought-after batch of coffee is produced by 126 female farmers of the La Florida cooperative. They have brought their coffee berries to the washing station, where the cooperative has processed the coffee further. Over the years, La Florida has not only focused on coffee, but they have also worked to improve living conditions in the area. They have helped in the construction of schools, electricity and healthcare facilities. They also help their members with better and more ecological farming methods.

The coffee is hand-picked, after which the berry part is removed from the top of the beans. The coffee is then fermented for 20 hours before being dried under the sun. Hard craftsmanship guarantees clean and high-quality coffee. The coffee is a mixture of Catuai, Typica and Catimor coffee varieties.

Coffee, 100% Arabica

  • Origin Peru
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