Germination starter kit

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Grow nature's own dietary supplements quickly and easily!


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With this ingenious system, you can grow nature's own dietary supplements quickly and easily!

Contents of the Heimgart starter pack:

a) A porcelain container which is durable and, in principle, eternal. The growing vessel is manufactured by the traditional Bavarian porcelain factory Seltmann Weiden.
The dimensions of the dish are: 176 mm × 134 mm × 60 mm. Cup weight: 1,080 g.
b) Stainless steel germination plate. After all, stainless steel is antibacterial in itself. In addition, the Heimgart germination plate has been given food grinding, which makes it an even more effective inhibitor of microbial growth.
c) Only natural fibers and natural binder as well as organic seeds are used in seed pads (DE-ÖKO-070). The seed pads are produced in collaboration with the Red Cross charitable workshops and are certified in accordance with the EU-BIO Regulation (DE-ÖKO-070)

  • Origin Germany
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