White chocolate, vegan, 80 g

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Vanilla filled vegan seduction!


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A vegan vanilla-flavored treat!

iChoc - A vegan range of organic chocolates from the famous German chocolate manufacturer VIVANI. The iChoc chocolates taste like classic milk chocolates, but the milk has been replaced with rice milk, so they do not contain any animal derived ingredients. IChoc chocolates are an ethical , natural and delicious choice when you want to treat yourself with a delicious indulgence. Choose from 4 yummy flavours. Which one do you choose?

Cocoa butter* 37%, raw cane sugar*. rice milk powder* (dried rice syrup), almond<*/b>, salt, Bourbon vanilla extract*, Bourbon vanilla pod* (ground). *Organic May contain residues of milk, other nuts or gluten. Store in a dry and cool place.

  • Origin Germany
  • EAN: 4044889002720
  • SKU: VIVANI-4044889002720