Facial Roller, Green Aventurine

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A great face roller for a relaxing facial massage - to support your skincare routine.


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Include this marvelous face roller in your skincare routine!

A facial massage relaxes muscles and supports facial blood circulation, which helps the skin recover and recover from environmental stressors. Brightens and smoothes. Use the face roller to reduce swelling and fade eye bags or dark under-eye circles. Improves skin elasticity and elasticity, as well as soothes sensitive skin. Use in facial massage: After cleansing the skin, use a facial roller on the face and neck's skin. You can apply face oil or cream of your choice to the skin before the massage. Always treat facial skin gently. The face roller repeats a movement that starts from the center of the face and goes up and toward the temples. The facial massage can be repeated daily, for a few minutes at a time. Press the facial roller firmly against the skin, but do not stretch the skin. To enhance the swelling-reducing effect of the facial roller, put it in the refrigerator for a few hours before massaging. You can clean the facial roller by wiping it with a damp towel. Please note that the facial roller's stone is a natural product, meaning the stone's color and characteristics can naturally vary.

  • Origin China
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"This product is the best friend for all who tend to have bruxism (bite teeth together during sleep). When you roll up with this, the biting muscles relax just perfect for the night and help you sleep better!"

- Mari