Flower of Life Spike Pillow Eco

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The lovely, high-quality Infinita Life Flower Spike Pillow comprises organic linen and cotton and has organic buckwheat inside. The Life Flower depicts the life cycle.


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Boost circulation and alleviate neck tension with an acupressure pillow!

Here's an acupressure pillow (Spike Pillow) to support your well-being, which works on the same principle as a spike mat.

The therapeutic effect of the Spike Pillow is based on acupressure. The pillow triggers muscle tension and pain in the neck-shoulder area and the head area.

Using the Spike Pillow:
You can best use the Spike Pillow lying on the floor or in bed, or on an armchair

When you use the Spike Pillow, you will initially feel mild pain. However, the pain disappears after a while as endorphin and oxytocin begin to be released. Thanks to the Spike Pillow, the blood circulation in the treated area is stimulated, and pleasant heat is spread to the body. You will soon feel relaxed and much better!

You can use the Spike Pillow daily for about 15 to 30 minutes at a time.

Spike pad size: 23 x 20 cm.

Material: 100% cotton. The spike pad has a removable cover that can be washed by hand if necessary.

The Spike Pillow shapes anatomically. You can also use the Spike Pillow together with the Spike Mat.

Life Flower material: Eco-HIPS (Biodegradable impact-resistant polystyrene),
A number of life flowers in the Spike Pillow: 51, in one flower of life 19 spikes.

Organic linen, organic cotton, organic buckwheat, Eco-HIPS (biodegradable polystyrene)

  • Origin China
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"This pillow under my head supporting my neck fulfills the relaxation perfection that the acupunctional mat gives. It´s pretty too!"

- elina