Shungite Stones, Water Purifying, 450 g

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Enjoy clean water and your well-being!


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Enjoy clean water and your well-being!

Shungite is often used as a natural water purifier! The stones absorb up to 95% of all water pollutants, including heavy metals and other harmful organic compounds.


1. Place the Shungite Stones in a strainer and rinse off the loose charcoal.
2. Also, rinse the Shungite Stones with boiled water.
3. Place the Shungite Stones in a glass container and fill it with water. Wait for about 16 to 24 hours and drink fresh water.
4. Clean the Shungite Stones once a month, e.g., with soda water (about one tablespoon baking soda and 0.5 liters of water) and rinse to maintain the filtration capacity of the shungite stones.

Dosage: Approximately 100 g Shungite Stones / 1 liter water

Lifespan: Approximately 6 months.

Note: Shungite Stones can stain.
  • Origin Russian Federation
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