Awakening Bowl with chocolate, 360 g

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Awakening Bowl breakfast mix with cocoa. Also great as a snack!


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The Vegan Society

A chocolatey but healthier alternative for your morning!

Awakening Bowl a blend made for a quick and instant breakfast. Simply add water or your choice of plant-based milk, stir an go!

This combination of ingredients has a high nutritional profile and is a super choice for breakfast or as a snack , that enlightens any part of your day. A true awakening of body, mind and spirit.

Milled buckwheat*, ground almonds*, milled flax seeds* (10.5%), milled chia seeds* (Salvia hispanica) (10%), coconut sugar*, cocoa powder* (5.5%), buckwheat groats*, raw cocoa nibs*.


  • Origin Portugal
  • EAN: 5600872801702
  • SKU: ISWARI-5600872801702