Orange Blossom EDC-perfume, 200 ml

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The scent of orange blossom was admired by the ancient Romans as well


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Orange blossom - an ancient fragrance that works!

EDC - Orange Blossom Eau De Cologne is a perfume for the whole body.

The perfume is a milder product than traditional perfume, with a light fragrance.

Orange Blossom - A southern fragrance that takes you to the traditional courtyards of Andalusia, under the shade of orange trees.

Aromatherapeutic effect: reinforces optimism.

Contains jasmine, orange blossom and orange tree leaves.

Jimmy Boyd uses ingredients in its products that are: Grown in the traditional natural way. Grown organically or grown wild. The products are 100% natural raw materials, no synthetic ingredients are used. There are no solvents, preservatives or animal derived ingredients used in the products.

"INCI: organic alcohol, aqua, bio-hidrolate, Parfum*, limonene, citral linalool, fresh leaf.
*Contains natural, organic and wilds essences

  • Origin Spain
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