Wild Roses EDC-perfume, 200 ml

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The scent of romantic roses at its best!


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Wild rose fragrance at its best!

Wild Roses EDC - Eau De Cologne is a body fragrance. The fragrance is a milder product than traditional perfume, with a light fragrance.

Wild Roses - A bouquet of love. The rose is a symbol of love, purity, passion and beauty. The scent of the rose blossom is subtle and one of the most admired fragrances.

Aromatherapeutic effect: harmony and well-being. Contains lemon, rose, lily of the valley and vanilla - the product contains a rose petal.

Jimmy Boyd uses ingredients in its products that are: -Grown in the traditional natural way. Grown organically or wild grown in the wild. Products are 100% natural raw materials, no synthetic ingredients are used. No solvents, preservatives or any animal derived ingredients are used in the products.

"INCI: organic alcohol, aqua, bio-hidrolate, Parfum*, limonene, linalool, citronellol, GERANIOL, fresh petal. *Contains natural, organic and wilds essences "

  • Origin Spain
  • EAN: 8437003415401
  • SKU: JIMMY-8437003415401

"I fell in love with this from the first scent, and I´m not even a big fan of rose-scented products!"

- Eve

"Lovely summer mood scent that suits also for wintertime. The scent is mild and resembles rose garden."

- Katja