Matcha-tea whisk

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High-quality bamboo whisk for making traditional matcha tea!


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The Matcha-masters sovereign utensil for traditional matcha drinks

The high-quality bamboo whisk in the Keiko series is intended for making traditional matcha tea. This will help you whip up health and peace of mind in the traditional Japanese way!
Matcha is a finely ground green tea that has been traditionally used as part of a tea ceremony and meditation exercises by Buddhist monks. According to tradition, matcha tea helped monks focus and promote peace of mind.
In the Japanese tea tradition, matcha is the most awarded tea because its beneficial effects on health are extremely diverse.
Matcha drink preparation instructions:
1. Preheat the tea bowl or cup with hot water and pour off the water
2. Measure about half a teaspoon of matcha powder or into a tea bowl or cup. If you own a fine strainer you can strain the tea powder to avoid lumps.
3. Slowly pour approx. 75ml of 80C-95C water into the bowl.
4. Mix the matcha with the water with a bamboo whisk (if you don’t own a bamboo whisk, of course you can). Try to use very fast wrist movements and move the spoon or whisk in a zigzag pattern.
5. Stir the matcha for half a minute until there is a dense and beautiful tea foam on the surface of the drink. Enjoy!
  • Origin Japan
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