Gaia Pu erh Cake, 125 g

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A jewel for tea lovers. Ancient tradition and fine like wine!


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A jewel for tea lovers

Premium quality raw pu'er tea (sheng-pu'er) is obtained from ancient and precious tea bushes.

A full-bodied yet sweetly fruity tea beverage made from the spring leaves of ancient tea plants in the Lincang region of Yunnan.

Tea processed like Pu erh wine:

Like green tea, pu erh is not oxidized at all. What is unique to this tea is the fermentation (lactic acid fermentation). The tea leaves are piled, covered, humidified and turned. The process lasts 60 days, after which the tea is matured like fine wine, for months or years. In China, pu erh teas are grouped by year and growing region, like wine. The best, most mature teas can cost thousands of dollars.

Feel the effects of pu erh tea:

The fermentation process boosts pu erh's already staggering levels of antioxidants and nutrients. Despite the long fermentation process, it has the same low caffeine content as green tea, half that of coffee. Many coffee drinkers who are normally averse to tea are attracted to the strong, deep and earthy aroma of pu´er.

These handy tea cakes make it easy to brew your tea drink. You can also mash up a piece of one of the cakes to get the strength you need for your cup. There are 12 cakes in total.

Try it now and fall in love forever!
Ingredients: Pu'er tea* compressed into a flat cake. *From organic farming.
  • Origin China
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