Fab skin Jet Set travel kit, 100 ml

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Super faboulous and stylish travel kit which contains 5 pampering and luxurious favourite Mádara products for you to enjoy on your adventures!


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The travel package for Madara products is a convenient partner!

Madara's super-smart and stylish travel kit contains the following favourite products from the Mádara range to pamper your lovely skin: SMART Antioxidants Anti-fatique rescue Eye Cream 15ml, Micellar water 50ml, Exfoliating Oil-to-Milk scrub 12,5ml, SOS Hydra Recharge cream 20ml, SOS Hydra Moisture+Radiance mask 12,5 ml.

MÁDARA comes from the Baltic region of Latvia, a small northern European country that has managed to preserve the diversity of flowers and grasses thanks to its many pristine and wild meadows. Northern summers are short and often harsh. As a result, plants need to focus their energy on the short flowering period to attract pollinators and ensure survival for the following summer. As a result, the active ingredients and extracts of flowers and herbs grown in these regions, which are used in MÁDARA products, are particularly potent and effective.
  • Origin Latvia
  • EAN: 4751009827575
  • SKU: MADARA-4751009827575