Pro-Active sunstick SPF50, 18 g

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Rejoice in the sun, go wild on the beach! But protect yourself from the burning rays.


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Indulge in the sun, this fab stick protects!

The warm sun is kind and nurturing, if you just remember to protect yourself. A handy mineral sunscreen stick with a high SPF50 protection factor helps you protect yourself and is easy to carry. The nude-coloured texture blends into the skin with a comfortable, invisible finish. The face area is also worth protecting when skiing in the winter, but this stick is especially useful when spring and summer knock on the door. Ceramides and the antioxidant-rich oils of black cumin and sea buckthorn help to hydrate the skin. The sun stick contains only pure mineral filters and has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. The level of protection is high. This life-saving stick is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. You can use the stick to lubricate the entire face area, décolleté, hands and arms. Use on clean skin or on top of your daily moisturizer. Repeat as needed and enjoy the light!

  • Origin Latvia
  • EAN: 4752223008122
  • SKU: MADARA-4752223008122