Good Morning Herbal Tea, 20 g

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Gentle kick to mornings!


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Gentle kick to mornings!

Caffeine-free, home-grown herbal infusion wakes you up for a better morning!

A blended potion of Finnish nature's favourite herbs along with other classic herbs will make your body gently buzzing into the new day. All of the ingredients in the blend are either wild harvested from the wild or gently cultivated without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The drying process is also done at the lowest temperature best for the herbs.

Suggested Use: Add 1 teaspoon of herbal powder per 2 dl of near-boiling water, infuse for 5 min or more.

Test this steaming refreshing herbal drink right away and fall in love with the evergreen!
Ingredients: Raspberry leaf, green mint, basil, nettle, lemon balm, marigold. Of the ingredients, raspberry leaf is collected wild while others are naturally cultivated. Naturally caffeine free.
  • Origin Finland
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