Green Cleanse Herbal Tea, 20 g

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Go green and you'll be fine!

A tea blend made from Finnish herbs to energize your body! Pure native wild herbs to support well-being, either as a tea or as such, even in a smoothie!

Nettle helps strengthen immunity, promotes heart and prostate well-being. Nettle is also good for your bones, nails and hair. It's also good for the respiratory system, where it rejuvenates the body - so it's a vitality-boosting choice.

Dandelion leaves contain calcium and iron, riboflavin, vitamins C, B6, A and E (source: Arctic Flavours Association), making it a great herb for toning the body. Mint leaves support respiratory and intestinal health and boost immunity. Parsley is an aromatic green herb that lightens the body. Yarrow supports fat metabolism and digestion and has a beneficial effect on urinary tract health. Dandelion root is an excellent prebiotic and supports cleansing and digestion.

Use: as an herbal tea: add 1 teaspoon of powder to 2dl of almost boiling water, infuse for 5-10 min. Drink 2-4 cups of tea per day for 2 weeks. Recommended for use as a cure only. The same applies for use in smoothies.
Ingredients: Nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, mint, parsley, yarrow flower, dandelion root. Naturally caffeine free.
  • Origin Finland
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