Wild Mushroom Spice, 20 g

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A great mix of mushrooms, nettles and onions


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A sprinkling of tasty mushrooms for nourishment!

Wild mushroom is a wonderful blend of Finnish forest treasures: funnel chantarelles, cantarelles, nettle and spruce sprout. Use to flavour stews, risottos, sauces, soups, pies or sprinkle on bread. You can also make a ready-made mushroom sauce from the sachet by adding it to about 2 dl of cream or similar. Preparing mushroom dishes could not be easier! All herbs and mushrooms come from Finland. Packed in a 100% compostable bag.

Funnel chantarelle (20%), nettle (20%), chives, nutritional yeast flakes, onion powder, chanterelle (8%), spruce sprout (5%), unbleached Guerande sea salt.

Nutritional value Per 100 g: Energy 282 kcal / 1179 kJ; Fat 4,2 g, of which saturated 0,7 g; Carbohydrates 33 g, of which sugars 7,9 g; Protein 21 g; Salt 2,5 g.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430060710863
  • SKU: HELSIN-6430060710344

"Great way to add some forest-like taste and power to your food – for example, omelets! This is also a great gift when visiting your friends, why not even a christmas present!"

- Jonna