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Yarrow is a peppery aromatic spice and a well-known pillar of health


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Yarrow is a peppery aromatic spice and a well-known pillar of health

Yarrow is Finland's natural super-herb and a particularly good friend in the fight for respiratory health. Yarrow also promotes urinary tract health and has also gained a solid reputation among people who are trimming their immune system. Yarrow is particularly suitable for tea, spices and skin care. Its aromatic, peppery flavour is ideal with wild fish, game and fatty grilled foods, as well as in salads and soups.

Yarrow has been traditionally regarded as a metabolism-boosting herb, and has also been used in skin treatments for pimples, sauna masks and foot baths. It is also an excellent aid to digestion and fat metabolism.

Note: For tea and spice use, not to be consumed in large quantities or for continuous use. Not recommended for use during pregnancy. For those allergic to chamomile and yarrow may cause allergic symptoms. Mettä will take you on a journey of discovery into the fascinating and tasty world of Finnish wild plants. With our products and services, we want to inspire people to discover the plant species found in our nature, to favour them more in their spices and diets, and to collect and enjoy nature themselves, especially in the hectic city life.
Yarrow flower
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