Rich Comfort Hydration Cream, 50 ml

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With shea and cocoa butter, jojoba oil and bisabolol. Ideal for cold weather season and suits all skintypes.


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Rich and full hydration for dry skin.

The rich and plump cream makes the skin feel good every day!

An effective moisturizing cream nourishes and soothes dry skin with long-lastingly caring lingonberry and jam extracts.

The composition formulated in water-oil, enhanced with vegetable waxes that support the skin's protective barrier, moisturizes and protects dry skin. Dry skin often needs both water and oil moisture.

Bisabolol, organic jojoba oil and organic cocoa and shea butter also give an effective boost to the cream to maximize the soothing effect on the skin. Ideal for outdoor use during colder seasons and suitable for all skin types.
  • Origin Latvia
  • EAN: 4752223004841
  • SKU: MOSSA-4752223004841