Polka Candy, Laundry Vinegar, 475 ml

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Laundry and washing machine clean, in one go!


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Laundry and washing machine clean, in one go!

Use laundry vinegar to keep your laundry clean and soft.Laundry vinegar with a captivating scent leaves a nice soft feeling on your fabrics and the vinegar also takes care of your machine!

Use: Add three caps to the rinse aid dispenser of the washing machine.

Grandma does not irritate even the most sensitive skin and therefore they are suitable for most allergy sufferers. The products are made from plant-based, renewable raw materials that decompose 100% in nature. None of Grandma’s ingredients have been tested on animals and can be used by vegans as well.

20-90 ° for colour and white laundry. About 16 washes.

Composition: Vinegar> 5%, Essential Oil <5%, Sodium Benzoate <5%.
pH ca. 3.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430022657519
  • SKU: MUMMI-6430022656680
  • Packaging text: FI, SE