Pomebotic grapefruit seed extract, 50 ml

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A great grapefruit boost for immunity!


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A great grapefruit boost for immunity!

Natural Media, Pomebotic grapefruit seed extract, 50 ml. This fine extract has been designed to support your health in cold season challenges. 

The power behind this great little helper lies in grapefruit seeds, papaya extract, vitamin C, clove extract, copper gluconate, and zinc gluconate.

Vitamin C, Zink, and Copper all on their behalf support the normal function of the immune system. Vitamin C helps also to reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

This powerful combo helps you to fight back!

Test and feel yourself!

Ingredients: Purified water, grapefruit seed extract (16.5%), papain-containing papaya extract, vitamin C, oregano extract, clove extract, natural grapefruit flavor, copper gluconate, preservative: potassium sorbate, zinc gluconate.

The daily dose (75 drops) includes:
Grapefruit seed extract 495 mg, equivalent to fresh grapefruit seed 2475 mg
Vitamin C 60 mg (100% of the recommended daily intake)
Copper 1 mg
Zinc 10 mg

Ingredienser: Renat vatten, grapefruktfrö extrakt (16,5 %), papaininnehållande papayaextrakt, C-vitamin, oreganoextrakt, kryddnejliksextrakt, naturlig grapefruktsmak, kopparklukonat, konserveringsmedel: kaliumsorbat, zinkglukonat.

Den dagliga dosen (75 droppar) innehåller:
Grapefruktfrö extrakt 495 mg, motsvarande färskt grapefruktfrö 2475 mg
C-vitamin 60 mg (100 % av det rekommenderade dagliga intaget)
Koppar 1 mg
Zink 10 mg

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