Coffee and Caramel Vegan Chocolate, 80 g

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The most delicious novelty for chocolate lovers. Coffee and chocolate are the best flavour pair in the world and this fair treat is vegan and gluten-free too! Go for it!


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Fair Trade

Ohoi! Open your door for pleasure!

Organic Health, Ohoi! Coffee and Caramel Vegan Chocolate, 80 g. Relax and settle down with your favourite book or a good movie, then open this delicious treat and let the pleasure flow!

For chocolate lovers, a great new chocolate that can be munched merrily by coeliacs without stomach upsets and by vegans in good spirits, as it is a gluten-free and vegan alternative. It's Fairtrade and organic, so you can't help but feel good!
Cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, rice drink powder* (dried rice glucose syrup*), caramel powder* (cane sugar*, fructose*), cocoa mass*, HAZELNUT*, coffee*, sea salt, vanilla pod*. *organic production. May contain traces of milk and almonds.
Nutritional values/100 g: energy 2315 kJ (555 kcal), fat 35.0 g (of which saturated 20.0 g), carbohydrates 57.0 g (of which sugars 46.0 g), fiber 2.5 g, protein 2.1 g, salt 0.180 g.
  • Origin Switzerland
  • EAN: 6430033171622
  • SKU: OHOI-6430033171622