Ohoi! Soft blond vegan chocolate, 80 g

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Responsible light seduction!


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Blond responible seduction!

Delicious light chocolate that melts in your mouth. In addition to the chocolate melting in your mouth, 5 cents of each chocolate bar sold goes to forest protection. The chocolate is vegan, gluten-free, fair and organic - try and fall in love!

Ingredients: Cane sugar, cocoa butter, rice drink powder (dried rice glucose syrup), cocoa mass, HAZELNUT 4.8%, vanilla bar, sea salt. May contain residues of milk and almonds. All raw materials are organic.

  • Origin Switzerland
  • EAN: 6430033178072
  • SKU: OHOI-6430033178072

"When you need vegan alternative for milk chocolate, this is it! This fools everyone!"

- Taru